Frances Wright-Tellado

Hello, my name is, 

Frances Wright-Tellado

 WBECHS Art teacher

Hello! My name is Frances Wright-Tellado and am the art teacher here at WBECHS; teaching Art 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have my B.S. Ed. in Art Education received from Georgia Southern University and currently planning to continue my education to receive my Masters in Art. I was born on a tiny island, Puerto Rico where I was brought up using Crayons, pencils, scissors, and paint. We trickled over to the United States and it wasn’t until I stumbled on my inspiration to be an art teacher where I became truly interested in making a move on my life. This inspiration branched off from a high school Advanced Placement drawing teacher through his love and passion for transforming students to become abstract thinkers. So, I went through the ultimate and beautiful journey to becoming just that; exhibiting my artwork in solo and group exhibitions, developing series, and engaging in plans to guide students to translate their world of thought into visual expressions. And so I strive to mold students in becoming individual thinkers about the world around them and guiding them to create visual interpretations about their thought filled minds. I so happy to be teaching your students here at WBECHS. 

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40-10:15 Art 2
10:25-11:55 Art 3/4
12:35-2:10 Planning/Office Hours
2:15-3:45 Art 1

Syllabus and Pacing Guide Links:
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