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Mr. Germany graduated from a large high school in Georgia many years ago - in a time where smart phones and social media did not exist. He then attended the University of Georgia and graduated in 19?? with a degree in Social Studies Education. Having taught for ??many years in many different schools, he still loves explaining how history impacts the lives of people.

                                           Mr. Germany’s Classroom FAQ

How do I access Google Classroom?

Why do I have a blank for my grade on PowerSchool?

Because I have not graded that assignment.  It does not hurt/help your grade.


What is this assignment that I am missing?

I don’t know, all assignments are labeled at the bottom of the sheet and it matches the name on PowerSchool.  The first number in the assignment represents the Unit.


Why do I have a zero for a grade?

Because you either got every question incorrect or you didn’t turn it in.


Why do I have a zero for a grade?  I did it…

Several reasons:  You did it but never turned it in.  You did it but did NOT put your name on it.  You started it, never finished it, and it is still at the bottom of your book bag.


Why do I have a zero for this assignment – I was absent when you assigned it.

Great – complete it and I will change the grade.


I have a lot of zeros, you need to give me these assignments. 

No, check your book bag.  The assignments are on  If you still can’t find the assignments, make a list for me and I will see which ones I still have.


The assignments are not on

Yes, they are.  Go to your class, select folders, select the right folder, then the assignment.

I failed the test because nothing we learned was on the test.
Impossible, every question was covered in class, the notes, study materials, and USA Test Prep.

I failed because I wasn’t prepared.  What now?

Great, I am glad you care about your grade.  You will complete a study packet and then once that is done, you will be allowed to re-take the test, which may be different from the one you took earlier.  You must finish the test in one sitting, so if you come in during RTI for 25 minutes, you need to be sure to finish it in 25 minutes.