Robert Carlin

Robert Carlin

Robert Carlin

I am one of a handful of teachers that have been here since the opening of WBECHS.  I have been a teacher for about 14 years and have taught in Pennsylvania, Nevada and now South Carolina. I have taught both high school and college classes.  

Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the employment industry for about 20 years helping people find jobs and recruiting specific medical personnel to work for me. 

I attended Grove City College where I earned a BA in Business Administration.  I latter returned to California University of Pennsylvania to earn my teaching certificate/Masters for Technology Education.  Some of the courses I have taught in the past are: Drafting, AutoCAD, Video Production, Metal Shop, Wood Shop and today I'm teaching Exploring Computer Science.

Below is the course syllabus 

Exploring Computer Science……………….







ImageSemester: Fall 2017                    Instructor: Mr. Carlin


COURSE DESCRIPTION                                    Contact Number:  843-466-2765

Computer Science is a hands-on, projects-based curriculum that utilizes a unique computing platform to engage students in an immersive exploration of the breadth of computer science.  Through a puzzle-based learning approach that is strategically meshed with candid discussions of the philosophy and expectations that underlie the learning process, a foundation of problem solving and critical thinking is laid upon which the four major themes of computer science are then iteratively built as pillars.  Various beams that showcase the applications of computer science are finally laid atop the pillars.


The high-level goals of the curriculum are to (1) expose students to the beauty of computer science through an engaging discovery process; (2) show how exploring computer science can be used to solve hard problems; and (3) cultivate problem solvers who are comfortable at tackling hard problems and who understand that computer science is a lifelong learning process.

The pillars of computer science are:

Algorithms form the basis for representing solutions to problems. Students focus on the development of good algorithms as solutions to interesting problems while discovering the importance of understanding problems in order to develop efficient step-by-step solutions.

Computer Programming explores the reasons for using computers to execute problem solutions for us.  Students learn to translate their algorithms to a language computers can understand.

Data Structures explores various major data manipulation and processing structures used by computers.  Students explore and utilize them as they design algorithms to solve problems.

Computer Architecture provides students with the foundations of computing.  Using the Raspberry Pi B v2 platform, students learn how computer hardware provides a powerful platform on which to run software.



All materials will be provided by WBECHS.  Students should come to class daily with:

  ·  Thumb drive/External Hard Drive (not required but highly recommended for all H/S classes)  

  ·  Notebook    

  ·  Pen/pencil for taking notes



Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Plagiarism is the stealing of ideas and/or drawings from another source and passing them off as your own.  If a student is suspected of plagiarism on any assignment, the administration will be notified and a parent conference will be conducted.  Verification of plagiarism will result in a “zero” for that assignment.  Both the giver and the receiver will receive “zeros”.


  1. All Beaufort County Board of Education and WBECHS rules and procedures will be enforced.
  2. Bring all materials to class (unless otherwise instructed).
  3. No eating or drinking anything other than water in class.  If water, it must be left on floor away from computers
  4. Students are to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  Those not in the classroom will be considered tardy.
  5. Bring and utilize notebook every day.
  6. Show respect for yourself and others.
  7. No cell phones, or other electronic devices (headphones) permitted.
  8. Each class is approximately 90 minutes -- Stay on task!  This includes any unnecessary talking.
  9. Students are responsible for making up all missed work.



WBECHS will have 60% for Summative and 40% for Formative.  A student will keep an update of the number of possible points and earned total in his/her Daily Planner.  This will allow him/her to keep track of personal progress.  The following modes of assessment will be utilized:


·  In-class Assignments

·  Quizzes                           

·  Major Examinations – After every unit                                             

·  End-of-Course Examination                                                                                   

·  Projects (including a research paper on jobs in Computer Science)



All Beaufort County Board of Education and WBECHS rules and procedures for attendance will be enforced.   

 Students that are absent for any reason will use the following guidelines to make up missed instruction and assignments:

·  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher (on the first day of his/her return) and   

    make arrangements for makeup assignments and/or tests.

·  It is the student’s responsibility to meet all deadlines set by the teacher for turning in missed


·  In cases of emergency, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher and arrange an

    extension for turning in missed assignments.